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EZ 1325 (EZ servo) CNC Router

Product details

Performance and Features of EZ 1325 (EZ servo) CNC Router .


  • 20 MM Linear Guidways for high positional accuracy and long life with high motion accuracy.
  • 6 KW air cooled spindle gives you very stable, trouble-free, maintenance-free performance for long period of time.
  • Fast speed and high accuracy ensured by gear transmission equipped on CNC Router.
  • High accuracy and heavy workload ensured by imported square rail.
  • Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by lubrication system.
  • Axis Drive system : X, Y - Rack, Z-Ball Screw.
  • Working table is covered with rigid PVC sheet for long life of aluminum T slot table.

EZ SERIES Are equipped with latest innovative motors which has highest speed can reach up to more than 30000 mm/min and high speed torque attenuations much less than common open loop stepper motor driver.

It enhanced a lot of output torque and performances of motors, especially reduce a lot of motors heat and vibration during working.

The driver can control the current based on load suit can reduce the heating prolong motor working life.

Technical specifications

Models EZ-1325 EZ-1530
Outer Dimension 2090 x 3170 x 1800 mm 2290 x 3670 x 1800 mm
Working Area (X, Y, Z) 1300 x 2500 x 200 mm 1500 x 3000 x 200 mm
Spindle 6 KW Air Cooled 6 KW Air Cooled
Spindle Speed 18000 RPM 18000 RPM
Distance Between Bed & Gentry 200 mm 200 mm
Maximum Travelling Speed 25000 mm/min 25000 mm/min
Cutting Tool Diameter Ø3 to Ø16 mm Ø3 to Ø16 mm
Repeated Location 0.025 mm 0.025 mm
Operating System DSP-Hand Held Controller DSP-Hand Held Controller
Driving System Closed Loop Motor Closed Loop Motor
Power Supply AC 420V / 3PH AC 420V / 3PH
Weight 885 Kg. Approx 1080 Kg. Approx
Specification are liable to change without prior notice. Note : AC420V power supply will be applicable for 6 KW spindle.

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