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Features of Erica

  • ERICA available in three working area 1) 18" x 29" (457mm x 730mm), 2) 24" x 36" (610mm x 910mm), 3) 36" x 48" (910mm x 1220mm).
  • High speed, high accuracy thanks to AC servo motor from Mitsubishi, Japan.
  • The latest type of X-Y rails make it more stable, maintenance free operation for longer period.
  • Precision engraving and good quality of cutting, thanks to "Synrad's original "all-metal" laser tube technology".
  • ERICA available in 25w, 60w, 80w and 100w metal laser tube from Synrad U.S.A. for cutting different thickness of acyclic & MDF.
  • Table up & down facility up to 6.5" inch. Laser engraving can be done up to 6.5" inch height of materials.