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Acrylic Bending Machine

Acrylic Bending Machine is also called plastic plate bending machine soften and bend the plastic plate by heating.

+ ABM 700/1300

Application Materials : Pastic Plate Acrylic Plexiglass, PVC, PC, ABS, PP etc.

Available Size : Sheet Thickness 1-10mm, bending length < 650mm / < 1250mm.

+ Temperature Adjestable 0-600°C

Temperature Adjestable during 0-600°C, according to diffrent thickness of sheet.

+ Heating Gap Width Adjestable 0-20mm

According to diffrent material and thickness ofvarious sheets, heating gaps width can be Adjestable.

+ Circulating Water Cooling System

Adopted advanced infrared heating technology and circulating water cooling system, ensure fast cooling

+ Angel Adjester & length Adjester

Available angel 0-160°C/Available length 40-330mm. Ensures bending standardization and unification suitable for masss production

+ Special Version

Equipped circulating cooling water system, replace the water heavy and long time working temperature up to 50°C. ensure the machine cool completely, trun off the heating tube gap after working.