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Evan Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Features of Laser Marking Machine Evan

EVAN laser provides a fast, flexible and efficient way to permanently mark a wide variety of materials such as Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Silicon etc.


  • First and last pulse equally useable.
  • Bitmap marking compatible.
  • High repeatability/stability design.
  • Status monitoring and safe shut down.
  • High speed marking (MHz repetition rate).
  • Long using time : the average using time more than 100000 hours.
  • Good stability and free maintenance : No need to maintenance for laser advice High quality gray scale marking

Fiber lasers are up to ten times more efficient than traditional YAG or CO2 laser systems. Consuming little to no energy when not 2 active, the annual energy saving can attract government grant funded energy efficiency programs for industry. Fiber lasers have no optic to adjust or align, and no lamp to replace. Maintenance is minimal and so utilization and up-times are maximized. The lasers really are designed as shop floor industrial tools.