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Commercial and Retail Flooring

Arona Trading is the UAE's leading supplier of commercial and Retail flooring. we are able to offer the best solutions for your flooring needs and Interior design crucial in the retail and commercial sector. We offer flooring solutions for all sizes of installations, from small boutiques to large-scale interiors.

Retail is about the store and its products. Branding, merchandising, and interior design are influenced by the company's values and the products it offers. The trend internationally is toward visually appealing, but robust retail floor design. Design that emphasizes the brand's message, and looks beautiful even when there is a lot of traffic for a long time.

Arona retail solutions allow our clients to unleash their creativity while still maintaining their need for low maintenance and easy-clean floors.

Salient Features

  • Lay flat properties
  • Semi-commercial Areas will appreciate the compact bottom.
  • For extra comfort, cushion bottom
  • The PUR (Polyurethane), surface treatment allows for easy cleaning, dirt accumulation resistance and scratch resistance. It also makes it quick to clean/ mop.
  • Available in vibrant colours and natural textures, such as stone and wooden surfaces.
  • Dimensional stability - No shrinkage in joints.
  • Areas of application: Offices, Light Commercial Areas, Home, etc.

82691 - HG+

83922 - SF

82690 - SF

83913 - SF

82227 - SF

Retail flooring Shades

82925 - SF

82932 - SF

83722 - SF

82116 - SF

82117 - SF

82162 - SF

82164 - SF