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Erina Galvo cutting & Engraver

  • Based on laser tube beam design, this system direct accept the beam of laser tube, without the beam expander, highly improves the optical light transmittance.
  • With high speed digital galvo, combined with dynamic shaft drive, can realize the large area work size marking and 3d surface marking.
  • Optimization of optical design and optical lens combination, reduces optical loss and component costs, as well as improves laser use efficiency.
  • The software adopts the newton interpolation algorithm and dynamic tracking light compensation point by point, make the marking lines with high precision and no deformation; power uniform pattern has no distortion.

Principle of dynamic focusing system is to daynamically control the laser beam divergence angle by a group of optical beam expander lens, so as to make the focusing laser spot on the different position of marking area or curved surface coordinate uniform. Usually in the design, optical lens group consists of 3 pieces of focusing lens. Back focus lens is consist of two pcs of aspherical lenses, which can eliminate spherical aberration, and can obtain better beam quality; the front negative focusing lens is controlled by software, driven by the high speed rod motor, do the reciprocating motion, compensating the corresponding laser spots on the marking platform point by point.