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Acrylic Satinised Rods & Tubes

Product details

It can be moulded in different shapes based on the requirement. Arona Trading LLC is the first Suppliers who successfully fabricated acrylic rods in Dubai, UAE. We are also the biggest acrylic rod provider in Dubai. Acrylic rod has very good weather resistance.

Our technology and the best raw material on the market ensure the high purity, brightness and transparency. It has a wide application, from a small product - knitting needle, to a large product – handrail.

Acrylic Rod is uneffected by sunlight, resist aging, and maintains good stability under variable conditions of heat, cold, moisture and other elements

We also provide various types of acrylic rods, such as bubble rods and spiral rods. They are especially suitable for displays in furniture, decoration and store fixtures. Due to its translucency, the material looks very attractive in combination with light.


  • Moulded to Different Shapes
  • Strong & Durable

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