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ERICA 30(servo) laser Engraver

Product details

Features of Erica 30

  • ERICA available in three working area 1) 18” x 29” (457mm x 730mm), 2) 24” x 36” (610mm x 910mm), 3) 36” x 48” (910mm x 1220mm).
  • High speed, high accuracy thanks to AC servo motor from Mitsubishi, Japan.
  • The latest type of X-Y rails make it more stable, maintenance free operation for longer period.
  • Precision engraving and good quality of cutting, thanks to “Synrad’s original “all-metal” laser tube technology”.
  • ERICA available in 25w, 60w, 80w and 100w metal laser tube from Synrad U.S.A. for cutting different thickness of acyclic & MDF.
  • Table up & down facility up to 6.5” inch. Laser engraving can be done up to 6.5” inch height of materials.

Synrad’s original “all-metal” tube technology
The latest 48-2 Series lasers - for 25W to 50W.
The all-metal sealed tube design and proprietary manufacturing process ensure high gas purity, essential for long operating lifetimes. With 100,000 Synrad lasers operating worldwide, Synrad is the only CO laser manufacturer 2 that can boast of proven operating lifetimes in excess of 45,000 hours (at which time, a simple and inexpensive gas refill returns the laser to full operation).

The latest firestar ti-series - for 60W to 100W.
Maximum power and performance from an air-cooled CO laser is the drive 2 behind their firestar ti-series technology. Synrad’s firestar ti-series lasers are built on technology using a patented hybrid-unstable resonator design.
AC servo motor (Japan)
The new Mitsubishi MELSERVO-JE servo amplifier and servo motors combining proven reliability with 2.0 kHz high frequency response and energy saving design.The AC servo motor consider very stable, smooth operation, very less maintenance compared to DC servo motor.
All optical from USA
All Silver Coated mirror and ZnSe lens are from worlds number one company from USA witch ensure high quality and long life. New silver coated mirrors are silver / copper alloy and thorium and ZnSe is used as an enhancement. The ZnSe gives it more cleaning durability. The coating is less likely to be rubbed off during when cleaned.
ERICA’s lastest laser engraving & cutting control system has better stable hardware with antistatic, resistance to high pressure. Based on 3.5-inch colorful screen, human-machine operation system, with better operation interface and stronger functions, excellent motion control functions, highcapacity file memory, with strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable laser power control interface, strong compatible U disk drive program, multiple ways general/dedicated IO control.
X, Y, Rails
The linear guideway body consists of an anodized aluminum housing with a chrome steel gcr15 shaft which is of low friction, noise and vibration. The pulleys/pinion is equipped with maintenance free U shape bearings.
It redefine the classic belt drive, putting belts to work in an entirely new way that reduces the positioning errors and speed limitations of conventional belt drives.
Mehta's linear modules provides high load capacities, high speed, accuracy and repeatability. The linear bearing system is corrosion resistant, even after scratching.

Technical Specifications of Erica 30

Model Erica 25 Erica 32 Erica 32 Erica 32 Erica 43 Erica 43
Laser Power 25W 30W 80W 100W 80W 100W
Laser Source Sealed Co2 Laser(U.S.A)
Work Area 18" x 29" 24" x 36" (610mm x 910mm) 36" x 48" (910mm x 1220mm)
Drive AC Servo Control (Japan)
Maximum Speed Upto 82 IPS**
Speed Control Adjustable from 0.1 ~ 100% ( up to 20 color-linked speed setting per job)
Power control Adjustable from 0.1 ~ 100% ( up to 20 color-linked speed setting per job)
Z Axis Moving Automatic
Resolution (DPI) Available 125, 200, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1000, 1200
Cooling Air cooled, operating environment temprature 10° - 35° C
Computer Interface USB / Ethernet
Memory Buffer 265 MB
Display Panel 16 Key with actual graphical display with parameter setting
Safety Class II 3R for red Pointer
Red Dot Pointer Yes
Pass Through Doors Yes
Power consumption 1100W 2200W
Air Extraction System External Exhaust system is Required, one 4" connection on the back of the machine.
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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